Thursday, 16 June 2016

Summer Summer Summer Morning: Skin care routine


My first year of university is over so I have a bit more spare time to focus on blogging! I truly have missed it and what better time to start! Being a fashion student I have learnt so much about the industry and the high street retailers. As well as my last post being published back in 2012 (WTH) I have gained much more in-depth knowledge about fashion, beauty and lifestyle to share with you guys!

So starting from the basics... skin care. In my view having a skin care routine is the most important process that everyone should have and carry out. Of course we have the odd day where a make up wipe and a bit of moisture will do fine. But starting early with an effective skin care routine will do us all better in the long run I believe.

What do we need?
The basics: 
  1. A cleanser (to clean the skin)
  2. A toner (deeper clean and add hydration back into the skin)
  3. A moisture (brands do a wide range for example: for dry skin, oily, combo and normal so it is important that you know your skin type to get the most out of your moisture)
My Summer skin care routine:

I say summer because I do change mine up between the seasons. Summer I like thin liquids, natural smells but high moisture!

From left to right:
  • Liz Earl Exfoliator - No joke this is the best gentle exfoliator for everyday!
  • Liz Earl Cleanser - Love this the most cleanser I have ever used as it makes removing make up so easy. I use this in the morning as well in order to ensure all make up is removed. Also love the balm feel it gives to my skin after.
  • Cleaning Clean Blackhead cleanser - I always use this as a second cleanser because this stuff does wanders! I must say it is quite strong like does tingle the skin but I always think that when it kind of tingles it is working?! I dunno that is just what I always think. You can get this from Superdrug so make sure you use your NUS discount card if you have one!
  • Lancome Toner - This is a little more expensive but I like to mix in a bit of high end. This has the best texture literally silky and buttery!
  • Lancome Eye cream - I love how you use this. It looks like a scientific tub that you would use in science! When it comes to eye creams I do not really see a difference but I still use them in hope they help me in the future! This is super cooling so perfect for summer
  • Simple Moisture - I have used this for years. It is my favourite. Very simple and pure which is all you need for a moisture I believe. Also has SPF in it so perfect for summer! You can get this from Superdrug so make sure you use your NUS discount card if you have one!

Top Tip: I like to use bigger cotton wool pads as covers more the face so makes the process quicker! Also because of the larger surface area you are not wiping around a dirty cotton wool pad over clean skin!

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