Friday, 17 August 2012


Studs have been making a fashion statement for many years and this year we have seen a massive change in adorning bags, shoes and clothing with studs. Studs make a massive change to an outfit, they make them look look more effective and glamorous! When I first saw the 'stud trend' this summer, I wasn't too keen on it as I thought the studs make something look a bit scary and dangerous. However once they become a BIG thing I like how they make an outfit more interesting.  You don't have to be a tough girl covered in piercings and tattoos to wear studs as they can be. uber-edgy, slightly sweet, casual, or dressy, depending on how you play them. 

However, some things look way too much with the studs and a bit too much for my liking. If you are someone who is picky with the amount of stud or what they look like or where they are on the outfit. Why don't you add the studs to something you own already? You can buy simple studs which can be glued onto things such as shorts or a top and even on your nails! If you have an old or boring piece of clothing why not 'Jazz it up' by applying the studs and making the piece of clothing look so much 'cooler'!They are simple to use/apply as well as they look very effective on an outfit. Even if you think the studs are a bit too out there, why don't you buy some of the studs and try to apply them yourself. You will be able to add the amount you want and see if you like them - you would probably prefer/love your new outfit.

The pictures show how large amounts of studs can make the shorts look good as well as a small amount of studs!

Studs to buy:


  1. Definitely thinking about DIYing a stud bag when I get the time. It's so awesome how attaching studs are so simple too.

  2. Love studs right now!

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  3. I love studs! I'm desperate to add some to my own wardrobe!:)xo

  4. I want everything to have studs! I love them, in my opinion the shorts on the left are a bit ott but the ones on the right are just gorge! xx

  5. i love studs ! if i could i would stud every single peace of my closet lol


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