Thursday, 16 June 2016

Summer Summer Summer Morning: Skin care routine


My first year of university is over so I have a bit more spare time to focus on blogging! I truly have missed it and what better time to start! Being a fashion student I have learnt so much about the industry and the high street retailers. As well as my last post being published back in 2012 (WTH) I have gained much more in-depth knowledge about fashion, beauty and lifestyle to share with you guys!

So starting from the basics... skin care. In my view having a skin care routine is the most important process that everyone should have and carry out. Of course we have the odd day where a make up wipe and a bit of moisture will do fine. But starting early with an effective skin care routine will do us all better in the long run I believe.

What do we need?
The basics: 
  1. A cleanser (to clean the skin)
  2. A toner (deeper clean and add hydration back into the skin)
  3. A moisture (brands do a wide range for example: for dry skin, oily, combo and normal so it is important that you know your skin type to get the most out of your moisture)
My Summer skin care routine:

I say summer because I do change mine up between the seasons. Summer I like thin liquids, natural smells but high moisture!

From left to right:
  • Liz Earl Exfoliator - No joke this is the best gentle exfoliator for everyday!
  • Liz Earl Cleanser - Love this the most cleanser I have ever used as it makes removing make up so easy. I use this in the morning as well in order to ensure all make up is removed. Also love the balm feel it gives to my skin after.
  • Cleaning Clean Blackhead cleanser - I always use this as a second cleanser because this stuff does wanders! I must say it is quite strong like does tingle the skin but I always think that when it kind of tingles it is working?! I dunno that is just what I always think. You can get this from Superdrug so make sure you use your NUS discount card if you have one!
  • Lancome Toner - This is a little more expensive but I like to mix in a bit of high end. This has the best texture literally silky and buttery!
  • Lancome Eye cream - I love how you use this. It looks like a scientific tub that you would use in science! When it comes to eye creams I do not really see a difference but I still use them in hope they help me in the future! This is super cooling so perfect for summer
  • Simple Moisture - I have used this for years. It is my favourite. Very simple and pure which is all you need for a moisture I believe. Also has SPF in it so perfect for summer! You can get this from Superdrug so make sure you use your NUS discount card if you have one!

Top Tip: I like to use bigger cotton wool pads as covers more the face so makes the process quicker! Also because of the larger surface area you are not wiping around a dirty cotton wool pad over clean skin!

Friday, 17 August 2012


Studs have been making a fashion statement for many years and this year we have seen a massive change in adorning bags, shoes and clothing with studs. Studs make a massive change to an outfit, they make them look look more effective and glamorous! When I first saw the 'stud trend' this summer, I wasn't too keen on it as I thought the studs make something look a bit scary and dangerous. However once they become a BIG thing I like how they make an outfit more interesting.  You don't have to be a tough girl covered in piercings and tattoos to wear studs as they can be. uber-edgy, slightly sweet, casual, or dressy, depending on how you play them. 

However, some things look way too much with the studs and a bit too much for my liking. If you are someone who is picky with the amount of stud or what they look like or where they are on the outfit. Why don't you add the studs to something you own already? You can buy simple studs which can be glued onto things such as shorts or a top and even on your nails! If you have an old or boring piece of clothing why not 'Jazz it up' by applying the studs and making the piece of clothing look so much 'cooler'!They are simple to use/apply as well as they look very effective on an outfit. Even if you think the studs are a bit too out there, why don't you buy some of the studs and try to apply them yourself. You will be able to add the amount you want and see if you like them - you would probably prefer/love your new outfit.

The pictures show how large amounts of studs can make the shorts look good as well as a small amount of studs!

Studs to buy:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

#1 Wishlist

1) The first thing on my wishlist is Soap and Glory's 'Sugar Crush' £8.00, I have heard so much positive reviews about this. But I have so many body scrubs I need to get through before! I have smelt it and its lush (I just want to eat it) and it really looks like it works with its large grains and the smell to make your body smooth!

2) The second product on my wishlist in Ray-Bans, I have always wanted them since I was about 12 years old to own a pair of Ray-Bans! They look fabulous on as well as they go with everything to wear! I also like the fact they are light and not too heavy on. The reason I have never got a pair is because they have always looked WAY WAY WAY too big for my face. However, hopefully (since I have tired a pair on for along time) they would fit on my face nicely!

3) The third thing on my wishlist is 'Chiffon Dip Hem Dress' £42.00 from Topshop. The reason this is on my wishlist is because I love the style on the skirt and because its black it would go nicely as a day dress out and for the evening. As its black, it means I could as you say 'Pimp it up' with some cool accessories and heels!

4) The fourth thing on my wishlist is Essie 'Fiji' colour nail polish £7. I have heard a lot of reviews about this colour, I like how its so natural yet stands out. Because of the pale colour, its easy to go with things easily and I like how the colour has a creamy effect colour on the nails (I need this)!

5)The fifth product on is Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder £25. I really like the look of this bronzer as it looks like it creates a natural/health looking colour and adds a glow to the cheeks. I have also heard a lot of things about this bronzer like it creates a golden shimmer and creates a tanned look on the face. I also really like the packaging that it comes in, which also makes me really want this!

6) The final product on my wishlist is the Real Technique's Buffing Brush £11.99 from Boots. I have always wanted this brush as when I have seen people use it, their make up looks so flawless and the brush looks so easy to use when applying a liquid foundation. I do prefer using a buffing brush when applying foundation which makes it perfect for me!
(I couldn't get the link for this from Boots, but when its back up and running you can just type in 'Real Technique's Buffing Brush' and it would come up with a range of other brushes in this collection) 

I hope you enjoyed my Wishlist and I hope one day I own some of these products! I am sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but I will be back tomorrow! See you guys!x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Don't be scared in what you wear!

I get sent a magazine from Asos about once every two months, which allows me to look at the latest styles and fashion within Asos and I have loved the BACK TO GRUNGE’ pieces! The  pieces are all things I wouldn’t usually like or wear, however I love the way its not all mainstream, the styles of clothes and just the WHOLE new side to fashion! It’s all about the camouflage jackets, khaki parka and cool hiking boot, going back to the ’90s by saying hello to autumn with worn denim jeans and dungarees, chunky knits pieces and splatter-print shirts. But to keep us all in the spirit of summer (Especially for people who live in England!)by bare legs, braided hair and a rules-are-made-to-be broken look. 

Although some people would be saying it all looks a bit odd and too different for their liking fair enough as it is all a bit out there. But it helps to show the individuality of people and the fact is some people will like it and some wouldn't. The colours show a part of 'Indie' style which some like the style, personally I don't think the 'Indie' style is for me as its a bit too different for my liking and I wouldn't feel confident in wearing things like that. However Fashion is all about showing who you are and trying out different things, so try something you wouldn't really wear and you never know it might be your next favourite thing. The main reason people wouldn't really wear things like in this collection is how they are different to what we have all seen before, but we shouldn't be scared. We should feel we can only wear whatever everyone else is wearing or being worried what others are going to think.  The collection shows how even if you don't have the money for all these designers dresses (if that's not you)and what have you - you can always look great as long as your wearing what you like. So if you like these sort of style go for it - its about what you wear wear it and that's exactly what I think this collection shows how we can wear things daring and things maybe others wouldn't, just go for it!