Monday, 6 August 2012

Don't be scared in what you wear!

I get sent a magazine from Asos about once every two months, which allows me to look at the latest styles and fashion within Asos and I have loved the BACK TO GRUNGE’ pieces! The  pieces are all things I wouldn’t usually like or wear, however I love the way its not all mainstream, the styles of clothes and just the WHOLE new side to fashion! It’s all about the camouflage jackets, khaki parka and cool hiking boot, going back to the ’90s by saying hello to autumn with worn denim jeans and dungarees, chunky knits pieces and splatter-print shirts. But to keep us all in the spirit of summer (Especially for people who live in England!)by bare legs, braided hair and a rules-are-made-to-be broken look. 

Although some people would be saying it all looks a bit odd and too different for their liking fair enough as it is all a bit out there. But it helps to show the individuality of people and the fact is some people will like it and some wouldn't. The colours show a part of 'Indie' style which some like the style, personally I don't think the 'Indie' style is for me as its a bit too different for my liking and I wouldn't feel confident in wearing things like that. However Fashion is all about showing who you are and trying out different things, so try something you wouldn't really wear and you never know it might be your next favourite thing. The main reason people wouldn't really wear things like in this collection is how they are different to what we have all seen before, but we shouldn't be scared. We should feel we can only wear whatever everyone else is wearing or being worried what others are going to think.  The collection shows how even if you don't have the money for all these designers dresses (if that's not you)and what have you - you can always look great as long as your wearing what you like. So if you like these sort of style go for it - its about what you wear wear it and that's exactly what I think this collection shows how we can wear things daring and things maybe others wouldn't, just go for it!


  1. I like this post, it's nice. I have always liked fashion that it's not mainstream it doesn't mean that I don't go there sometimes (LOL) but the grunge style it's my favorite. Even though I don't have a style you can pin point. I like to mix different styles.

    PS. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you liked my post.

  2. Totally agree with you! Thanks for commenting my blog too means a lot!xx